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Social Influencer Marketing

XmoodY has created an area entirely dedicated to the management of Influencer Marketing

campaigns, obviously in exchange for merchandise and money.

Based on the degree of popularity of the influencer and based on the value of the product to be

sponsored, the preventive compensation for the influencer will be established.

The product remaining to the influencer can be reused to continue generating rewards if you decide

to also join the affiliate marketing program.

Registration is completely free.


Affiliate Marketing

XmoodY has created an area dedicated to the management of affiliate marketing campaigns.

Quite simply, once approved as an advertiser, you are provided with an exclusive link to use to

create links to products that are part of the affiliate network.


This link tracks the purchases made through the link that you export on your social channels and

pays you a commission from 4% to 15% of the sales generated. The more traffic and sales you

generate, the more money you can earn.

Registration is completely free.


Personal shopper

XmoodY has created an area completely dedicated to the personal shopper. Apply as a personal

shopper, let our customers search and contact and you will receive a percentage of the purchases

that our customers will make using your look tips.

Registration is completely free.


Personal blogger

XmoodY has created an area entirely dedicated to personal bloggers.

A real editable blog in which, to write articles related to the world of fashion, articles referring to

products of our partner companies with Shopping tags.. It is also possible to create outfits with our

outfit configurator ready to be purchased by your or our contacts.

Registration is completely free. Registration is completely free.

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