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Japan style: the pieces that make up this spring's moodboard are the kimonos with the slipped fabric and stylized floral pattern, Obi belts that enhance the waist, the traditional geta on the feet, sandals halfway between clogs and flip-flops, in cork or wood but also in rubber, between layers and asymmetrical cuts, to reinterpret the style of the Rising Sun and to reach the sensuality of the geisha, lips dyed red.
Then the sushi mania spreads in the choice of dinners with friends or for a special evening on the first date.
Jil sander, Salvatore Ferragamo, Paco Rabanne, Acne surrender to oriental charm by exploring a different concept of beauty.
A testimony to the Japanese-style fashion, are the beautiful events and one of these is picnics in the cherry blossoms (hanami) in the province of Piacenza.