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From Janis Joplin to Beyoncé, from John Sebastian to Justin Bieber, from rock concerts to runways, the tie & dye print is back in vogue. Typical of the '60s it is now a great return, more glamorous than ever. The nostalgics of the years between the 1960s and the 1970s, of the hippie movement, lovers of India and Ibiza, of Woodstock, freaks of the whole world, will find comfort in the collections of this season. The tie-dye, reproposed in a contemporary key, retains all the subversive character and libertine charm of the time.
From Prada to Stella McCartney, from Christian Dior to MSGM, Missoni ... there are so many fashion griffes to bring the unmistakable degradé technique to the catwalk. Low-cost brands (Zara, H&M) follow their trend with their equally trendy proposals. The ancient tie-dye coloring method is obtained thanks to the binding of the fabric which prevents the penetration of color in some parts, with results original, always different and unique, a technique so loved by hippies. To conquer them was, on the one hand the psychedelic effect of the colors, on the other the uniqueness of each piece together with the ease of realization.
If T-shirts, sweatshirts and jeans are easy garments - to wear and, why not, also to make at home with a fun do-it-yourself (Do it yourself glamourous!) - the new variations of the tie-print are more interesting dye, like the flared little dresses that are the fruit of Miuccia Prada's creative flair, the Christian Dior evening dress, the Sidonie bag (also by Prada)
Here, then, that uneven and so unique coloring acquires a completely new allure, while maintaining the original spirit and bringing with it, today as then, a positive message that has the flavor of india, freedom and equality.
This summer your hair will have the golden reflections of the sun thanks to the balayage tie & dye. Already seen on the tops of VIPs, the trend comes out of the red carpet boundaries!
This balayage technique (also called "ombré hair") allows you to give a sun stroke effect to your hair long before the summer! The spikes and half lengths are lightened by two or three tones while the roots, which are not touched, are darker. With a slightly shaded effect but a natural result as if it had really been the sun to have created it.
The tye & die gives to all! More impact if created on medium-long or long hair, to get a real sun effect and create a sensual movement in the hair.